Our goal is to help community members overcome barriers to economic opportunities. We help:
  • Low-wage workers with wage theft or discrimination
  • Re-entering adults and juveniles to clear their records
  • Small business owners
  • Victims of fraud and identity theft
We also advocate for policies that help low-income communities including laws that protect people from predatory payday and car title lending.
Our goal is to improve the lives of low-income tenants.
We help tenants:
  • Facing evictions or rent increases
  • Living in unhealthy or unsafe homes
  • Experiencing discrimination or harassment by landlords
We also advocate for greater tenant protections and more affordable housing in San Mateo County.
Our goal is to help  immigrants access freedom from fear and to expand their educational and career opportunities. We help:
  • Immigrant survivors of domestic violence and other crimes (VAWA and U visas),
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Immigrant youth and young adults (DACA)
  • Abused, abandoned and neglected child immigrants (SIJS)
  • Immigrants facing deportation in court
We offer presentations to help immigrant communities understand their legal rights, and we advocate for local and national policies that benefit immigrants.

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Can you imagine your rent increasing by nearly $1000 in one night? That’s what @InvitationHomes did to Renita Barbee: #RentControlNow

Residents of two apartment buildings near downtown Redwood City are protesting rent increases up to and exceeding $800 imposed by their new corporate landlords tonight. Come and show your support for these families!

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