Affordable housing is paramount for a healthy community. 
For over 15 years, our housing program has been helping families resolve issues that threaten their ability to live and thrive in our community. We also provide outreach and education to the community so residents know their rights and can engage in the civic process. We work closely with community organizers and policy-makers to develop long-term solutions to avoid displacement of diverse communities.

Tenants facing evictions or rent increases

Eviction defense is one of our core services, and is an important tool for combating the displacement of diverse communities. Tenants can be evicted without a reason in the majority of jurisdictions throughout the bay area. With the exception of only a few cities, there are no limitations on the amount that a landlord can raise the rent. Families facing eviction or steep rent increases have little options other than moving. 

Some cities, like East Palo Alto and Mountain View, have rent stabilization ordinances that place restrictions on the amount that rent can be raised. East Palo Alto also has a just-cause for eviction ordinance that requires landlords have specific reasons for evicting a tenant. In 2015, East Palo Alto also passed a tenant-protection ordinance, which provides tenants with additional protections and benefits. 

Our eviction-defense work focuses on using protections in cities like East Palo Alto and Mountain View to protect rent-stabilized tenancies. For tenants from cities that lack protections, our services focus on ensuring that tenants are treated fairly and that landlords follow the law during the process. We will help tenants negotiate with landlords to obtain the best outcomes for their circumstances.

Please call 650-326-6440 if you are facing eviction or rent increase.

Tenants living in unhealthy or unsafe homes

All tenants have the basic right to live in a safe and habitable unit. The minimum requirements for a home to be considered habitable are usually defined publically in a city’s codes. Conditions that affect habitability can include a lack of certain utilities or appliances, mold, insect or rodent infestation, and broken fixtures (like locks and windows). Children often have a harder time learning when their homes are unsafe and families living in these conditions may develop health complications.

In most cases, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the habitability of a unit. Our services focus on helping tenants to resolve issues with their housing so that they can live safely.

Please call 650-326-6440 if you are a tenant who needs help resolving unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions.

Tenants experiencing harassment or discrimination by landlords

Call 650-326-6440 if you need help because your landlord is engaging in retaliation or discrimination.

Rescue Housing Fund

Please call 650-326-6440 if you need assistance.

Housing Advocacy, Outreach and Education

We advocate for policy solutions to prevent the displacement of Silicon Valley’s diverse communities, including the development of affordable housing and laws protecting residents from no-cause evictions and unaffordable rent increases.

We also provide outreach and education about renters rights to community members around the Bay Area so that they can be empowered to prevent displacement.