Redwood City Approves Rent Cap, Just-Cause Eviction Protections

BY AMY DIPIERRO OCTOBER 31, 2019Redwood City officials approved an urgency ordinance capping rent increases and setting new requirements for just-cause evictions, joining a small group of California cities to pass similar emergency measures as tenants wait for statewide protections that take effect in 2020. Tenants advocates in the Peninsula and elsewhere in California say they’ve seen a wave of evictions and … Read More

San Mateo County Officials Review ICE ooperation

By Anna Schuessler Daily Journal staff, 10/25/19 Dozens urge officials to end sharing of inmate release dates, interaction with federal agency Urging San Mateo County officials not to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, dozens of individuals representing community groups and faith-based organizations filled the county’s board chambers Wednesday with concerns about sharing information about county inmates with the … Read More

When a neighborhood’s days are numbered

September 6, 2019 by Mark Noac With each passing day, the apartments at 2310 Rock St. increasingly resemble a ghost town. The signs are everywhere: overgrown weeds, rusted lawn furniture and an eerie absence of people. It’s not just a lack of maintenance, it’s an aura hanging over the entire community that knows the end is near. Within three weeks, … Read More

Deal strengthens bill to cap California rent hikes

By Austin Walsh Daily Journal Staff   Sep 4, 2019 A deal refining a bill designed to prevent rent gouging drew cheers from the local author as well as advocacy organizations, while other critics stand firmly opposed to the proposal. Lawmakers amended Assembly Bill 1482 to include annual 5% rent caps plus inflation with a 10% maximum increase, lowering a … Read More

Protest of Planned Federal Immigration Roundups Draws Hundreds to Redwood City

By Ruth Robterson The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) Staff President Donald Trump has threatened mass deportation roundups, starting today. On Friday July 12, in Redwood City, California, demonstrators said it was important to protest the administration’s crackdown.  Photos by Charlie Moehle, Pro Bono Photo. Please credit the photographer.   Saying their vigil was a chance to … Read More

East Palo Altans Form Tenants Union to Fight Housing Crisis

By Sue Dremann Palo Alto Weekly staff  July 1, 2019   More than 60 East Palo Alto residents voted on Saturday to form a tenants union to combat rising housing costs that they say are harming the city’s long-term residents.   The action was brought about by multiple nonprofit organizations that advocate for renters, immigrants and seniors, which convened the … Read More

Deportation defense work taking shape

By Anna Schuessler Daily Journal staff Jan 28, 2019 More than six months after San Mateo County officials dedicated nearly $765,000 toward legal resources available to immigrants living in the country without proper status, attorneys within a network of agencies are representing 35 individuals in their applications to stay in the country. By funding four half-time and two full-time attorneys … Read More

Tenants and Their Supporters Urge Mountain View City Council to Reject Demolition of 20 Affordable Homes in Order to Construct 15 Luxury Townhouses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2018 Media Contact(s): Guadalupe Rosas (408) 401-3253; Rocio Carrillo Ortiz (408) 642-7921 Legal Contact: Nazanin Salehi, CLSEPA, Tenants and Their Supporters Urge Mountain View City Council to Reject Demolition of 20 Affordable Homes in Order to Construct 15 Luxury Townhouse Mountain View, CA: The Royal Viking Tenants’ Union, along with PACT, Cafecito, and other … Read More

In East Palo Alto, residents say tech companies have created ‘a semi-feudal society’

By Scott Wilson November 4 at 9:09 AM EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. — This poor city is surrounded by the temples of the new American economy that has, in nearly every way imaginable, passed it by. Just outside the northern city limit, Facebook is expanding the blocks-long headquarters it built seven years ago. Google’s offices sit just outside the southern edge, and … Read More