PRESS RELEASE – Family and Supporters Protest $1,050 Rent Increase Imposed by Federally Indicted Speculator

  • CLSEPA Response to the Texas Federal Court Decision on DACA
  • 12 People in a 3-Bedroom House, Then the Virus Entered the Equation
  • Pandemic hits housing affordability where it already hurts
  • San Mateo County supervisors extend eviction moratoriums to July 28
  • Service agencies committed to aid undocumented population during pandemic
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Menlo Park Council To Consider Enacting State Renter Protection Law Early
  • Redwood City Approves Rent Cap, Just-Cause Eviction Protections

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2017 PRESS CONTACTS: Jason Tarricone / (650) 391-0362 / Daniel Saver / (650) 391-0345 / Activists Urge Repeal of 20-Year-Old State Law That Restricts Local Renter Protections East Palo Alto, CA – Supporters of Saia and Malina Fetuu and their children will protest a $1,050 rent increase imposed by corporate landlord Working Dirt … Read More